This is our current list of rates. Scroll down to see our dry voiceover rates and production + music rates for your projects.

If you have a bespoke project not listed then please contact us.


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We can offer great prices on all your voicing projects. Here are some examples;

  • RSL, Community etc: Dry Commercial read FROM - £18
  • SMALL ILR: Dry Commercial read FROM - £22
  • In Store: Dry Commercial read FROM - £20
  • Outside UK: Dry Commercial read FROM - £20
  • IVR/On Hold prompts FROM - £5
  • Answerphone message NON IVR FROM - £60
  • DJ/Radio Liner NO SPONSOR FROM - £5
  • DJ/Radio Liner WITH SPONSOR FROM - £10
  • Narration Corp/Online NON BROADCAST FROM - £60

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